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Biomet Hip Replacements

The Biomet M2A-Magnum and M2A-38 are metal-on-metal hip replacement devices. Similar to the other metal-on-metal hip implants, these products have received a number of adverse reports citing premature failure, fretting, corrosion, dislocation of the implant, loosening of the implant, as well as metallosis (metal poisoning).

Both designs were approved under the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) 510(k) program. This program allows manufacturers to “fast-track” the approval process by avoiding clinical testing if their device is similar to one already approved by the FDA.

In 2011, the Australian National Joint Registry conducted a study on the Biomet hip implants and found that the revision surgery rate was 7.2 percent.

Biomet and Metal Poisoning

Both the M2A-Magnum and M2A-38 have ball and socket components (also referred to as the head and acetabular cup) that are made of metal. The ball on both models is relatively larger than traditional hip implants and has been known to create friction between the ball and socket. The friction can cause chromium and cobalt ions to be released into the bloodstream, and build up from the metal debris can lead to metallosis.

While the full effects of metallosis are not entirely known, studies have shown that it can potentially cause:

  • Vertigo
  • Blindness
  • Optic never damage
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Deafness

Biomet Settlement

In February 2014, Biomet Inc. agreed to pay $56 million to settle hundreds of lawsuits filed in Multidistrict litigation in the Northern District of Indiana. Under this settlement, the average case value was $200,000.

This particular Biomet settlement applied to cases that were filed on or before April 15, 2014.

While future settlement rounds for Biomet hip implant lawsuits have not been announced, if you believe you have suffered injuries from a Biomet hip replacement we encourage you to give our firm a call.

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