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Wright Hip Replacement

Individuals throughout the United States that have received a Wright Conserve Hip System or a Profemur Z Hip Stem are filing metal hip implant lawsuits against Wright Medical Technology, Inc. These lawsuits allege, in part, that Wright manufactured defective devices and failed to warn patients of potential risks including metallosis (metal poisoning) and premature failure of the implant.

Common side effects being reported by individuals with a Wright hip implant:

  • Severe hip pain
  • Infection or swelling around the hip
  • Crunching or clicking noises
  • Difficulty walking or standing

Metal poisoning, also known as metallosis, is another serious side effect that has been reported in cases involving various brands of metal-on-metal hip implants. The Wright products are no exception. Metallosis is the release and build up of cobalt and chromium ions into the bloodstream. Conditions potentially associated with metallosis include: vertigo, optic never damage, blindness, peripheral neuropathy and deafness.

Since 2003, it has been estimated that nearly 10,000 of these Wright devices have been implanted in patients.


A report released by the UK National Joint Registry stated that at least 8.35 percent of patients who had received the Conserve device had to undergo a revision surgery within five years of the original implant surgery.
Due to this design, there is an increased chance of friction and heat within the device; which is caused by the loss of fluid between the acetabular cup and femoral head. The resulting friction can, effectively, cause metal ions to shed from the cup and head as they rub together. The released ions can fill up the area near the implant, damaging local tissue, and can disperse into the bloodstream.

Profemur Z

Complications from the Profemur Z can include corrosion near the neck (at the point of the implant where the stem connects to the ball component). Corrosion can cause the release of metal debris, which can result in metal poisoning.

Additionally, there have been reports of the stem “snapping”, which in some cases has resulted in emergency revision surgery.

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