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New Concerns in the DePuy Metal Hip Crisis

February 1st, 2016 by Cutter Law

Across the Atlantic, new concerns related to DePuy’s infamous metal-on-metal hip replacements are rising. The Telegraph reveals that an error in measuring techniques at a factory thought to be in Leeds, England caused the implants to be manufactured in the wrong sizes, and that this may compound the existing and well-known problems with metal-on-metal design.

The devices potentially affected are the Pinnacle Ultamet (discontinued by DePuy in March 2013) and the ASR (withdrawn from the UK market in August 2010). According to The Telegraph:

“Sources close to the firm said senior employees have known about manufacturing problems for several years and documents seen by the Telegraph show production problems were also discussed over several years.”

Court documents submitted by DePuy say the measurement in error resulted from parts being measured while hot and not at room temperature.

Health experts say that incorrectly matched implant part sizes will result in a higher wear rate and cause metal ion debris to break off the implant and enter the bloodstream.

Although revision surgery can be performed to remove the failed or fretting metal-on-metal hip implant, serious and irreversible tissue damage has often been done by the time the revision takes place, preventing the full return of mobility and resulting in lasting pain and discomfort.

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