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Plaintiff Awarded $9.1 Million in Zimmer Durom Cup Lawsuit

August 6th, 2015 by Cutter Law

The verdict in the Zimmer Durom Cup knee replacement trial is in: over $9 million has been awarded to plaintiff Gary Kline. The Los Angeles jury found Zimmer guilty of negligent design defect and failure to warn.

Here’s a breakdown of the award:

  • $153,317.94 in past medical expenses
  • $2.4 million for past pain and suffering and mental distress
  • $6.6 million in future non-economic damages

The judge in this case did not allow punitive damages, but according to Kline’s lawyer, the jury awarded $3 million more than his client asked for.

In this case, 59-year-old Kline had the Durom Cup implanted in 2007 and removed 15 months later. In between, he underwent two traumatic surgeries related to the failure of the implant. The jury heard that he now lives with chronic pain and that “the residual scar tissue and muscle damage have made it almost impossible for him to do things he once took for granted, like getting on and off his motorcycle or playing in the yard with his grandchildren.”

Zimmer’s Durom Cup hip replacement was implanted in approximately 13,000 patients before it was removed from the US market in 2008.

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