Stryker Rejuvenate Settlement's Enhancement Benefits Program Opens July 15th, 2015 - Metal Hip Implant Lawyer

Stryker Rejuvenate Settlement’s Enhancement Benefits Program Opens July 15th, 2015

July 10th, 2015 by Cutter Law

As we mentioned last month, Stryker’s settlement program for patients injured by the Rejuvenate metal-on-metal hip replacement is going forward. The Rejuvenate implant was recalled in 2012 after it was discovered the device caused severe side effects such as metal blood poisoning. reports that for most of the patients who will be compensated in the settlement, the money “is likely going to pay medical bills, with a little left over as compensation for any pain and suffering experienced through dealing with the failed device.”

Some claimants will receive their settlement checks this month, and most payments will be issued by this fall. Meanwhile, patients who qualify for Enhancement Benefits Program payments above and beyond the Base Award may begin enrolling on July 15, 2015.

These Enhancement Benefits are available to people who have had specific complications related to the implant, such as re-revision surgery, osteotomy, additional surgeries, dislocation, infection, and other complications. Learn more about these benefits in section 7.2 and Schedule 1 of the Master Settlement Agreement. The deadline for applying for Enhancement Benefits is September 30, 2015 (in most cases – there are different deadlines for complications that occurred after enrollment in the Settlement Program).

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