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Zimmer Hip Replacement

Zimmer Holdings, Inc. began selling the Durom Acetabular Component (Durom Cup) in the United States in 2006. Zimmer marketed the Durom Cup to younger, active patients, promising a greater range of motion and a relatively longer product lifespan than other hip implants.

In July 2008, Zimmer briefly recalled the Durom Cup. They blamed the recall on implanting surgeons, noting that the surgeons were not correctly following the supplied surgical instructions. This was done despite repeated reports from many well-known and respected orthopedists that the Durom Cup was defective and that it was coming loose, or popping out of place within a few years of being implanted.

Despite their knowledge of the serious injuries associated with the Durom Cup, Zimmer continued to falsely advertise the product, creating an impression that the implant was safe and effective.

The Zimmer hip replacement is made of cobalt-chromium (metal). It is estimated that more than 13,000 individuals across the United States have received a Zimmer hip implant. According to a leading hip surgeon, the failure rate of this device is approximately 24%.

Similar to other metal-on-metal hip replacements, patients with a defective Durom Cup have experienced serious and painful side effects, including: pain in the hip, groin or thigh, inflammation or swelling around the hip, death of tissue in the hip joint, loss of surrounding bone and metallosis (metal poisoning).

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